For an upcoming drama starring Kang Ha Neul, Ha Ji Won transforms into a stunning Chaebol heiress

Ha Ji-won transforms into acting as a beautiful hotel general manager....

Ha Ji Won Transforms Into A Dazzling Chaebol Heiress For An Upcoming Drama Starring Kang Ha Neul

‘Curtain Call’ Ha Ji-won, heiress to a chaebol

Ha Ji-won will transform into a beautiful hotel general manager.

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Curtain Call: Trees Die on Their Feet” (directed by Yoon Sang-ho and scripted by Jo Sung-geol, hereinafter “Curtain Call”) revealed for the first time the scene where actor Ha Ji-won is performing.

Curtain Call” is a work that deals with the stories of people involved in the greatest fraud on earth by a man who received an unprecedented special to make the wishes of a dying grandmother come true.

Ha Ji-won plays Park Se-yeon, the youngest daughter and general manager of “Hotel Paradise”. Park Se-yeon, a talented leader who has been accumulating her skills and experience step by step since her college days as a part-time hotel frontier, is a lovely character who not only has her excellent work processing skills but also a warm side. She lived without anything lacking, but as she gets entangled with a man, she goes through the biggest hurdle in her life.

In the published stills of “Curtain Call,” Ha Ji-won shows a “face of a thousand” whose charm changes every moment depending on the situation, with an intelligent atmosphere and sophisticated appearance. In particular, she has a vague yet affectionate look, stimulating curiosity about the story and chemistry involved in the character.

Ha Ji-won is determined to continue her reputation as a “trustworthy actor” with her irreplaceable acting skills and neat charm even in “Curtain Call.” The production company of “Curtain Call” said, “Every shoot is meticulously checked, and she is completing a deep emotional line and sophisticated character, so you can expect Ha Ji-won’s unique, delicate acting skills.”

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Curtain Call” will be broadcast in October.

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