Girls’ Generation’s YoonA said she gained weight for her upcoming drama series

Girls' Generation's YoonA says she gained weight for her upcoming drama series....

The interview for “Confidential Assignment 2: International” was conducted online on September 6. YoonA responded to the query about her recent claims that she had gained 10 kg during the interview. She responded: “I’m not sure where the rumor originated. “For my upcoming assignment, I did gain weight, but it wasn’t 10 kg.”

YoonA went on, “I gained weight to film “King The Land” (tentative title). I wanted to switch up the image that I had, so I tried gaining weight. I made a conscious effort to eat more and to exercise frequently. I gained weight, however I’m not sure if it was from consuming late-night munchies because of the late-night filming.”

Meanwhile, ‘King The Land’ is JTBC’s upcoming romantic comedy drama starring YoonA and 2PM‘s Junho. It will air sometime in 2023.

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