Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon revealed her daily life… She seems to have lost a lot of weight

Girls' Generation Taeyeon, a group that digests various schedules Post two letters from "health" on social media....

On the 21st, Taeyeon posted several photos on her Instagram along with the two short words “health.”

In her published photos, Taeyeon is relaxing while she is wearing a comfortable outfit with a blue sky in the background. She showed off her celebrity visuals with sharp and distinct features and a veil-like jawline.

In the photo, Taeyeon looked like she had lost a lot of weight compared to before. She gave off a dreamy atmosphere with a smooth face shape without a single cheek.

Netizens sent various opinions, such as “I seem to have lost a lot of weight”, “I can eat a little more”, “Please take care of your health”, and “You are still pretty.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has recently finished their activities as a whole to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut.

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