Girl group Mamamoo member Wheein suffered a corneal injury

What The Label Announced "Injury caused by a foreign body in the cornea"...

The label said on the 24th, “Today, our artist Wheein complained of pain in his eyes due to the leftovers from the stage effect device during the schedule.”

Wheein’s Instagram

She continued, “I went to the hospital right after the situation occurred and received precise ophthalmic treatment.

He continued, “Currently, she is receiving appropriate treatment and medication and is in a stable condition.” “We ask for your understanding that this announcement is delayed in order to quickly inform Moomoo (Mamamoo’s official fan club), who may have been surprised by Wheein’s news today,” she explained.

Wheein’s Instagram

Finally, he said, “We will proceed with the schedule considering the artist’s health as the top priority for Wheein’s definite recovery in the future.”

Wheein attended the “2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival” held on the 24th. While decorating the prepared stage, an unexpected situation occurred where firecracker powder got into her eyes.

Wheein’s Instagram

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