(G)I-DLE Has a New Member + Korean Netizens’ Reactions

The tallest (G)I-DLE member ever...

Despite the unfortunate events surrounding the recent ‘Music Bank in Chile,’ fans were still able to get a little laugh out of it.

A Korean netizen recently shared an international fan’s tweet into a local forum, saying, “TXT‘s Soobin is (G)I-DLE‘s newest member.”

– HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA This is hilarious!

– It’s so funny how he casually walks behind them while saying hello! He’s even blonde just like the members hahahahaha

– The timing makes this even funnier!

– They had the same actions hahahahaha

– I was shocked when I read the title hahahaha

– The tallest (G)I-DLE member ever

– He’s blonde too! Hahahaha!

– Soobin, why did you come out like that? Hahahahah

– It would be so funny if they filmed ‘Nxde’ challenge together!

– His hands are so big hahahaha

– Blonde soobin is the best hahahaha

– Why did he have blonde hair hahahahaha


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