From 1st to 50th… The ‘September Girl Group Brand Reputation’ rankings have been announced

The 'September Girl Group Brand Reputation' rankings were continuously announced......

The “September Girl Group Brand Reputation” rankings were continuously announced, drawing attention.

According to the announcement, Blackpink defeated IVE in 2nd place, Girls’ Generation in 3rd, TWICE in 4th, and Oh My Girl in 5th to climb to the top spot. The ranking is the result of analyzing 57.5 million rows of big data on girl group brands from the 11th of last month to the 11th of this month.

With a brand reputation index of 6,257886, Blackpink took first place, with a narrow gap between second place IVE (brand reputation index of 6,147,776) and third place Girls’ Generation (brand reputation index of 5,719516).

In particular, BLACKPINK fell 1.79% compared to last month’s brand reputation index of 6,372,130, but maintained the No.

In addition, since last June, it has been at the top for four months in a row, drawing attention.

A representative of the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute said, “In the analysis of links to brands in Blackpink, ‘break through, break through, record’ came out high, and in the keyword analysis, ‘Pink Venom, 6th Anniversary, YouTube’ was highly analyzed.” “In the ratio analysis, the positive ratio was analyzed to be 84.27%.”

On the other hand, in the top 30 in “September Girl Group Brand Reputation,” Black Pink, Ive, Girls’ Generation, Twice, Oh My Girl, New Jeans, Espa, Red Velvet, Apink, (G)I-DLE, Le Seraphim, Fromis Nine, Mama Moo, ITZY, Girl’s Day, Cosmic Girls, April, Brave Girls, Stacey, Loona, Momoland, Nmix, LABOUM, Dreamcatcher, Ladies’ Code, Kepler, Wooah, Rocket Punch, EXID, Ellis, etc. raised

The following is a table of rankings from 1st to 50th in “September Girl Group Brand Reputation.”

Source: wikitree

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