“finally…” The news of Taeyeon after 2 years was really upsetting

Good news for Taeyeon fans...

Singer Taeyeon delivered the news that fans will be delighted with.

Taeyeon won the Female Solo Artist Award at the ‘2022 Genie Music Awards’ at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on the 8th.

Standing on the stage at the awards ceremony, Taeyeon expressed her feelings, “I am very, very grateful to the fans I love. We will have a concert soon, so please wait for it.”

Taeyeon’s last solo concert was ‘The UNSEEN’ in January 2020. Upon hearing the news of Taeyeon’s concert, fans left comments saying, “I shouldn’t spread rumors,” “Please do it in a bigger place,” and “I hope it’s a year-end concert.”

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