Fans Are Feeling Nostalgia Over Jisoo’s Old Clip Telling Rose to Skip the Choreography That Proves She’s Been the Mom of the Group Since Day 1!

Kpop fans know that BLACKPINK's Jisoo is one of the kindest and most caring idols....

We stan a caring and thoughtful queen!

Kpop fans know that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is one of the kindest and most caring idols. Among the BLACKPINK members such as Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie, fans think that Jisoo is the most likely to have a leadership personality due to her nature of looking after her members and also getting her members to listen to her.

In a clip resurfacing online, during a rehearsal for the song “BOOMBAYAH,” Jisoo told her fellow BLACKPINK member Rosé to skip the choreography and continue dancing. During the trial, the floors were slippery because of the rain, so Rose’s part, where she was supposed to crawl on the floor, was not advisable.

This behavior of Jisoo earned her the respect of fans, who commented:

Jisoo is really a good big sister. On rainy days, when the stage is slippery, she will tell Rosie not to lie down and do actions any more! She’s too caring.

For anyone who doesn’t understand, part of the choreograph was for rosé to go on the floor but it was a rainy day so Jisoo told her to skip it- a great Jisoo big sister moment

Jisso did this to protect Rose from the wet floor as Rose has a step to sit on it So caring Sister

Jisoo has officially earned The “mum of the year” award

She always looks out for her children… Love u Jisoo unnie

She did that bacause the floor was wet, and rosé had to sit on the floor, jisoo is so protective

Rosé : Everything I need is On The Ground Jisoo : No Not Today

Jisoo is very kind big sister.It was a rainy day so Jichu told Rosie to skip the choreography.Shes too caring

Jisoo told Rose not to dance that part because at that time the floor was wet so because Jisoo was afraid that Rose got wet she forbade it


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