Extremely short… YoonA’s ‘super-mini’ skirt with only a place to hide

'23SS Paris Fashion Week' was held in Paris, France on the 4th....

YoonA surprises everyone by showing off her dizzying figure by wearing a skirt the size of a palm.

Singer and actress YoonA attended the ’23SS Paris Fashion Week’ held in Paris, France, on the 4th.

IVE’s Jang Won Young also appeared at the scene, and many cameras gathered around them.

In particular, Yoona drew attention when she appeared wearing an unconventional mini skirt almost the length of the missing bottom.

Yoona was also called ‘Jungphrodite (Yoona + Aphrodite)’ because of her tall height and luxurious pelvis during her group ‘Girls’ Generation’ activities.

Again, during this Fashion Week, she drew attention with her styling that emphasized his tall height and pelvic line.

She matches a red knit with an overfit coat and white knee socks, creating a lovely overall charm. However, she gave a reversal with a bold ultra-mini skirt and showed admiration for her provocative appeal.

Attention was also drawn to the legs stretched out under the miniskirt. She surprised everyone with her unrealistic leg lengths and beautiful pelvic lines.

Meanwhile, Yoona played Park Min-young in the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” released on the 7th of last month.

She was well-received for her stable acting in the movie, working alongside Hyun Bin as North Korean detective Rim Cheol-ryeong, Yoo Hae-jin as Kang Jin-tae, and Daniel Henney as Jack.

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