Everyone was surprised when the actress who rose to fame with ‘The Penthouse: War in life’ revealed her bikini body

Actress Han Ji-hyun revealed recent photos on social media...

An actress drew attention by wearing a bikini and sharing her leisurely daily life.

The main character is actress Han Ji-hyun, who made her face known through the SBS drama ‘The Penthouse: War in life.’

Han Ji-hyun’s Instagram

Han Ji-hyun posted several photos on her Instagram on the 21st with an article entitled “The first day, the sky is clear.”

In the published photos, Han Ji-hyun is posing in a bikini of mysterious colors at a resort and on the beach.

Han Ji-hyun’s Instagram

She caught the eye by showing off her juicy charms, such as taking a selfie with his tiny face and specific features.

In addition, the waistline without any flab, straight shoulders, and slender limbs were revealed, drawing admiration.

Then, she revealed her backside is running while looking at the sea, catching attention with her unique youthful, and neat atmosphere.

Netizens who saw the picture said on Han Ji-hyun’s Instagram, “My sister is wearing a bikini. How can she be so pretty?”, “So cute, pretty and lovely,” “I fainted because she was so pretty,” “Really pretty but so skinny. I’m worried,” etc.

Born in 1996 and 26 years old this year, Han Ji-hyun gained popularity by playing the role of Joo Seok-gyeong in ‘The Penthouse: War in life.’

Afterward, she was cast as the lead role in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Cheer Up‘ and raised her stock price. She is currently playing the role of Do Hae-yi in ‘Cheer Up.’

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