Don’t be surprised… “this person” in the dizzying photo is an active female idol

Kneeling in the street, shocking exposure...

Singer Hyuna released a shocking photo.

Hyuna posted several pictures of her along with her heart emoticon on her own Instagram on her 30th day.

Hyuna is kneeling on an asphalt road at night, raising her arms above her head and sitting slightly leaning against the trunk in the published photo.

Hyuna showed off a low-rise fashion in which her underwear came up slightly above her pants. Her arms were raised over her head, exposing part of her upper body through her jacket. Her accessories, such as a moon tattoo on her chin and a navel piercing, looked natural and added to her sexiness.

In another photo, Hyuna is posing on the car’s bonnet behind the festival stage. She once again made her mouth open with her revealing fashion, which is difficult to digest.

Here are 4 photos that Hyuna posted on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Hyuna‘s contract with P-Nation recently expired. She has been in a public relationship with singer Dawn since 2016, and rumors of marriage have been raised recently after receiving a proposal ring.

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