Dizzying golf course fashion… A girl group member who showed off her “glamor” body and exploded in reaction

SISTAR's Soyou wears a bra top and shows off her unique health...

A famous idol attracted attention by showing off her voluminous body on the golf course.

The main character is Soyou, a former member of the group SISTAR.

Soyou’s Instagram

On the 11th, Soyou posted pictures and videos on her Instagram along with the words “US.”

In the published photo, Soyou poses in green-colored golf wear and a white bra top.

On this day, she boasted a flamboyant waistline, firm abs, and a glamorous charm, attracting attention.

In addition, she showed off his superior proportions and legs, flaunting his back, and caught the eye. According to Soyou’s profile, her height is 168cm.

Then, she proved her perfect swing posture and showed off her unique health with her copper-colored skin, drawing admiration.

Netizens who saw the photo posted on Soyou’s Instagram, “Wow, that’s a big hit. The clothes and hat are perfect”, “Your body is crazy,” “Is this golf outfit right? I was surprised”, “Wow, the swing is so cool,” “Hot” SISTAR,” “You’re pretty, sister,” “Nice shot,” etc.

Meanwhile, Soyou made her debut as a member of SISTAR in 2010 and received great love for her hit songs such as “SHAKE IT,” “Touch my body,” “Alone,” and “Loving U.”

She was called the “voice goddess” with a husky voice and gained popularity as a solo singer.

In addition to music activities, Soyou is active in various entertainment shows with candid talk. In particular, she runs a YouTube channel called “SOYOUGI” and produces multiple content such as sports and travel.

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