DIA’s Jung Chae-Yeon, emergency transfer during filming “Surgery tomorrow”

Singer-actress Jung Chae-Yeon has received sad news....

Singer and actor Jung Chaeyeon was injured while filming the drama, his agency Pocketdol Studio said on the 12th.

Jung Chae-Yeon fell down the stairs while filming the MBC drama “The Golden Spoon” in the early morning of the 10th.

She was taken to a hospital in Seoul, and X-rays and city scans revealed a fracture of the clavicle and symptoms of a concussion, so she received emergency treatment.

Jung Chae-Yeon will undergo surgery on the clavicle fracture on the 13th. Her ligament damage will also be checked. If ligament damage is found, suture surgery is also performed.

Jung Chae-Yeon is a member of the group DIA, and her new single album “Rooting For You” is about to be released on the 14th.

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