“Decided to break up at dawn,” Park Min-young’s rumored boyfriend Kang acknowledges their relationship but denies the ‘rich man’ detail

Kang Jong-hyun, rumored to be dating actress Park Min-young spoke up about various suspicions....

Kang Jong-hyun, the businessman who had recently been rumored to be dating actress Park Min-young, spoke up about various suspicions.

On October 12th, Dispatch reported various suspicions related to Kang Jong-hyun and the explanations from Kang Jong-hyun himself.

First, Kang Jong-hyun denied the allegation that he has a ‘high-end vehicle.’ He said the luxury car was parked in his villa, “Our villa is easy to register for parking. So my sister registered, and that Ferrari is only parked at my house,” he claimed. In addition, the SUV he reportedly uses is claimed to be a vehicle he received as a gift and is not his own.

Kang continued to explain the luxury villas in Hannam-dong. Kang Jong-hyun argued that he did not own an estate worth 9.5 billion won and 85 pyeong significant and that he was temporarily living at a friend’s house for a while.

In addition, he admitted without denying the existence of a personal secretary who carried out Park Min-young‘s schedule. He added, “However, that secretary’s salary was paid by me selling phones at dawn.”

Kang Jong-hyun mentioned that he bought Park Min-young a Chanel bag, saying, “I only bought her one,” and “I received more.” He also did not deny his feelings for Park Min-young.

He also admitted, “I met Park Min-young at dawn on the 29th of last month. I don’t want her acting career to be ruined because of me.”

Meanwhile, on September 28th, Park Min-young and the wealthy CEO Kang Jong-hyun were rumored to be dating. Dispatch reported that Park Min-young and Kang Jong-hyun had a serious relationship to the point that they introduced each other to both families.

Kang Jong-hyun was constantly mentioned after this news broke out. In particular, Dispatch reported that Kang Jong-hyun is the chairman of Vidente, Bucket Studio, Bithumb Live, and Inbiogen. It was also said that the man was involved in a fraud case between 2013 and 2014 and was sentenced to two years and six months in prison and three years of probation for fraud and forgery of private documents.

Then, on September 29th, Park Min-young’s agency issued a statement that said, “Actress Park Min-young has broken up with the party mentioned in the recent dating rumors,” at the same time adding that, “It is by no means true that Park Min-young received a lot of money from her dating partner.”

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