Dating speculations are being spread after this girl group member was spotted

A famous female Kpop idol was caught in front of a male idol’s house...

On August 16th, netizens started to spread a photo of a famous female Kpop idol, who was allegedly standing in front of a male idol’s house.

In the photo, female idol A was caught at the front door of L apartment in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul – which is where male idol B resides. She also seemed to be communicating with someone on her cellphone.

As a result of this photo, suspicions of A and B dating have been continuously raised. They allegedly wore a couple item in the past, and were also said to be following each other using personal SNS accounts.

Of course, these are all rumors and speculations made by netizens and media outlets. Despite being suspected of dating numerous times, both A and B’s agencies remain silent.

It was also reported that A is a visual center in a famous Kpop girl group, while B is a member of a boy group under a large company.

On the other hand, the two have been caught up in the suspicion of dating when couple items and follow circumstances have been revealed from the past.

Source: wikitree

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