[D-eye] “Make BTS loyal to ARMY”

The place BTS will be loyal to is ARMY. And up until now,...

The place BTS will be loyal to is ARMY. And up until now, I have done my best for the ‘ARMY.’

Even if the agency changes (from Hive) to the Ministry of National Defense. The place they will be loyal to is, once again, ARMY. And for 18 months, you have to do your best for the ‘Army.’

BTS is heading to ‘Army.’ Jin, the ‘eldest brother,’ withdrew his enlistment delay and announced his intention to enlist in active duty. It means that the battle for alternative service that has continued over the past year (regardless of one’s will) has ended on its own.

The Ministry of National Defense is very excited about Jin’s enlistment announcement. “According to the needs of the country, we plan to permit performances in the national interest,” he said.

“When there is a national event for the public interest or an event for the national interest, I will provide an opportunity to participate” (Moon Hong-shik, deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense)

The Ministry of National Defense has so far opposed the discussion on the revision of exceptional military service. “It is fair and equitable for BTS to serve the same as regular soldiers,” he criticized.

However, in just one day, he possessed (?) as a ‘military enter.’ Deputy Spokesperson Moon Hong-shik changed his attitude, saying, “If there is an event for public interest or national interest, we will permit the performance.”

BTS said, “The military will go on their own, so don’t put a spoon on it.” And on the 17th (as they said), he announced his enlistment in active duty. So BTS will now do their best for another ‘Army.’

The Ministry of National Defense said, “It is right to serve the same as ordinary soldiers.” However, on the 18th (contrary to what they said), he hinted at participating in the national performance.

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