Cosmic Girls’ Exy & Seola get into a car accident on their way to attend a schedule

Cosmic Girls' Exy and Seola got into a car accident while on their way to attend a schedule....

On August 31 KST, Starship Entertainment stated, “Today, Cosmic Girls’ Exy and Seola were on their way to attend a schedule, and got into a car accident. The members who were in the car, as well as the manager, were not seriously injured but they were moved to the emergency room to receive proper diagnoses and treatments.”

They added, 

“After a detailed health examination, both members do not have fractures but need additional treatment and time to regain stability due to muscle pain and some bruises. Complying with the healthcare workers’ advice, we will put our artists’ health as a top priority and do our best to help them recover so that they do not have aftereffects. In consideration of their stability and recovery, we will inform you of their planned schedules after making adjustment.”

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