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[ Spotlight ] In search of a Greek (and Japanese) myth hidden in Pinkvenom, the story of revenge and walking away from a toxic relationship. (Note: This interpretation is the views and opinions of the...

[ Spotlight ] In search of a Greek (and Japanese) myth hidden in Pinkvenom, the story of revenge and walking away from a toxic relationship.

(Note: This interpretation is the views and opinions of the authors only. There is no intention to judge whether this interpretation is correct or exactly what the Creator thought.)

Jennie the Zeus Slayer

The goddess who defeated Zeus was flirtatious.

According to Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of the gods known for flirting. Has flirted with the first wife, the goddess Hera, by transforming into a cuckoo (Cuckoo) to lure her in. Later, the cuckoo is a symbol of marriage and love. Shakespeare also wrote the poem Love’s Labors Lost, about his love for the cuckoo.

However, in this scene, Jenny swings the caged bird. It may also refer to her being aware of the tricks of a flirtatious man (like Zeus) and holding him in a cage. In “Kick in the door, waving the coco,” coco is the name of a cuckoo species. However, We could infer that Jenny in this scene is the goddess Hera. Goddess of women and marriage, But here she knows Zeus. And put him in a cage because he will no longer be his victim.

(Pictured: Hera in red)

Lisa – The Guardian of Apple

The serpent who protects the heart

In the opening scene, Lisa She walked into a secret room that was heavily guarded. And what was inside was a black apple tree.

In Greek mythology, The Garden of the Hesperides is said to be guarded by the elven goddess Hesperides. This is the garden of the goddess Hera. Goddess of all Mia. She built this garden to house the golden apple trees she received from Mother Earth Gaia on the day she married Zeus. The park is located in the distant Atlas Mountains.

In addition to the nuns who take care of this apple tree, Hera also had a monster named Hadon, a serpent-headed dragon, to protect the Golden Apple Tree. This golden apple would later be the trigger that led to the Trojan War itself.

In the Pink Venom MV, Lisa is the snake who protects the precious golden apple tree. But perhaps because of the toxic love between Hera and the lecherous Zeus. And was unfaithful to Hera all the time. The golden apple that Hera cherished became poisoned. In addition, apples have been a symbol of love since Greek times. The black apple in this scene thus reflects toxic love. And Lisa, who keeps the black apple in a secret room, reflects on the blocking of the heart. Don’t let love hurt anymore.

Rose – Psyche

goddess of love and spirit

In rosé’s scene at the end of the song, We can see that she is in a place that looks like Hell or the Underworld at the same time. We will see the scene where the butterfly is frozen. The story of butterflies and the underworld relates to Psyche, the spirit goddess. The wife of Eros, the god of love. However, her love story with Eros is filled with stories of jealousy. and betrayal

According to Greek mythology, Psyche was the daughter of a king. Her beauty was so famous that it caused people to stop worshiping Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. The most beautiful with jealousy, Aphrodite then sends his son Eros, the god of love, to pounce on Psyche to fall in love with an ugly face. But it turns out that Eros falls in love with Psyche and refuses to obey his mother’s orders. But at the same time, Eros did not turn an arrow into someone to fall in love with Psyche. Until the king began to worry that his daughter would rise above the bar, he asked for a prophecy from the Delphi Temple. He must be shocked when the sign comes out that Psyche had to be taken to a cliff to wait for the monsters to eat it.

Although sad, when it was a prophecy from the Holy Temple, The king had to follow, But when the king led Psyche to the cliff, Eros reappeared, and they took Psyche to the top of the hilltop castle together. The story seemed to have a happy ending. But her husband, Eros, does not want to reveal that he is a god. So he forbade Psyche to look at himself. Until Psyche fell into loneliness. Even when her sister visited, she urged Psyche to sneak up on her husband while sleeping. Psyche obeys and sneaks into her husband at night. When Eros wakes up and sees that Psyche has broken his promise. So he flew back to live with his mother, Aphrodite.

To follow her husband home So, Psyche went to Aphrodite. Which Aphrodite offered If Psyche manages to complete four challenging missions, You will get Eros back. And one of the missions was that she had to travel down to the afterlife. And draw water in the Stings River, the river that carries all the souls of the dead to the underworld.

Psyche finally completes his mission. And returned to dominate with Eros Until she became the goddess Psyche with butterfly wings.

Although the legend of Psyche and Eros had a happy ending. But later, this myth was often reinterpreted through the glasses of feminism. Later, feminists saw Psyche as a wife who betrayed her husband’s trust as unfair. Because if you go back and look at the legend from the beginning, you will find that It was Eros that caused Psyche’s misery. In addition, he brought her to the castle alone. Don’t let her go back to her parents. And also abandoned her. It is also a reflection of the use of power in the family of men. Therefore it can be said that Rosé’s scenes in Pink Venom reflect how she liberated herself from her toxic relationship. and walked out of the underworld.

Jisoo – Jorōgumo

Spider demon stunned

Jorōgumo is a female spider demon in Japanese folklore. It can transform into three types: giant spiders, human females. and half-spider-woman. By changing into a human being, a beautiful woman to lure men into eating food.

According to legend, it has magical powers when Jorōgumo reaches 400 years of age. In later myths, Jorōgumo will lure a man to his house. Before lulling by playing a Japanese instrument called Biwa, which in the MV has been converted to Gumungo, a Korean folk instrument. When a man falls under the magic of music, She binds him with silk woven from a spider’s web before slowly eating its prey.

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