Can you guess who it is just by looking at this picture? She’s a famous singer

Hong Jin-young's mood has changed so much that you don't even know it...

Singer Hong Jin-young‘s recent photos are attracting attention.

Singer Hong Jin-young / Hong Jin-young’s Instagram

On the 10th, Hong Jin-young posted a selfie on Instagram along with the words “I’m in this rain again today,” a part of the lyrics of singer Kim Hyunsik’s song “I’m in this rain again today.”

In the photo, Hong Jin-young, with her hair loose, is staring straight ahead with a strange gaze.

The reason the photo is attracting attention is that it is quite different from Hong Jin-young’s image. Therefore, there is a reaction among netizens that it is not easy to recall Hong Jin-young’s past appearance just by looking at the photos.

Hong Jin-young lost 7 kg during the broadcast suspension period. After admitting that she had plagiarized his master’s thesis, she posted an apology letter to Instagram and went into self-discipline. After that, in April, she made a comeback with the release of “VIVA LA VIDA.” Last month, she released his new song “Destiny.”

A photo that Jinyoung Hong posted on Instagram last month.
Singer Jinyoung Hong / April 2022 News 1 photo.
Singer Hong Jin-young weeping / April 2022 News 1 photo.

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