BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who is suffering from the leak of a date photo taken with BTS’s V, made an unexpected decision

BLACKPINK's Jennie blocks all followers on her alleged private Instagram account + alleged leaker revealed...

Over the past few months, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and BTS‘s V have been embroiled in dating rumors after photos of the two on Jeju Island surfaced online in May.

Then recently, Jennie was seen blocking all her followers on her alleged private Instagram account. She also unfollowed everyone.

According to netizens, before Jennie began clearing her private Instagram, she had unfollowed one person. Also, at the same time, the person named Lee Joo Hyung had also unfollowed Jennie. After doing some detective work, netizens found that Lee Joo Hyung is actually a mutual friend of both V and Jennie. They also believe Lee Joo Hyung was on Jeju Island at the same time V and Jennie were, and he is the person who took their photos there.

Now, many netizens sympathize with the idol and are worried about the amount of stress she is going through. Netizens commented,

She must be really stressed,” “The person is so many months is this?”

“I think it’s going to be so hard to keep a composed mentality in front of the public when she’s going through something like this,”

“I feel so bad for Jennie,” 

“I think she’s clearing her private account since everyone is even talking about her private and public accounts. So, she has nowhere to go. You guys should mind your own business too,” 

“I’m really worried about Jennie. It’s really chilling. Imagine the photos you didn’t mean to get released get hacked and leaked, causing you to be cursed at by the whole world,”

“Who is this Lee Joo Hyung person, what does he do? He’s an ordinary person?”

“I think he was there and took their photos on jeju island,” 

“Who is Lee Joo Hyung?”

“Lee Joo Hyung is a model and used to be V’s best friend,” and “Wait, but what if it’s not the Lee Joo Hyung guy (who leaked the photos).”

On the other hand, V and Jennie, who were engulfed in dating rumors due to the leak of date photos, have not made any official statements.

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