BLACKPINK’s Jennie, “IT Girl,” has become a lucky talisman for Manchester United Football Club

How Kpop’s “IT Girl” Jennie Kim Became A Good Luck Charm For Manchester United Football Club...

Ever since BLACKPINK‘s Jennie wore a Manchester United shirt in the Pink Venom music video that was released on August 19, Manchester United have not lost any competition. K-pop fans are saying that everything Jennie touches becomes gold. while football fans are thanking Jennie for showing her support for Manchester United and being a lucky talisman for the team.

One fan pointed out that the football club’s stock went up immediately after the iconic Jennie Man Utd jersey appeared in the MV Pink Venom.

Ever since Jennie wore the Manchester United shirt, they have never lost a match. Manchester United remain unbeaten after Jennie wore the club logo in the “Pink Venom” music video.

Jennie has gone viral in the football world since the launch of Pink Venom, with many fans buying her Pink Venom Man Utd jersey.

Manchester United really should make Jennie their ambassador at large,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Manchester United had 0 wins in their previous 5 games prior to the release of Pink Venom.” After that, they won their next four games in a row. “The Jennie effect is insane.” added another.

Going viral, however, isn’t something new for Jennie Kim, who can literally bring in thousands of likes for just making an appearance at an event. Jennie is recently in the news for her comeback with her group BLACKPINK, who released new music on August 19 after almost a two-year-long hiatus. The song, titled Pink Venom, has been breaking and making new records every day. The group is set to make another comeback with a full album and title track MV on September 16, and we can only imagine all the new records that are on the way.

In addition, Jennie is also making her acting debut with The Weeknd’s HBO TV show called The Idol, which is rumored to start airing this October. Jennie made her solo debut with a solo song titled SOLO in 2018. The music video for the song, which has 855 million views at the time of writing, remains the most watched music video by a solo K-pop act.

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