BLACKPINK Only Released 32 Songs in a Span of 6 Years! – Korean Netizens Share That They Want to Hear More Songs From BLACKPINK!

Korean Netizens Share That They Want to Hear More Songs From BLACKPINK!...

Kpop supergroup BLACKPINK is one of the hottest girl groups in the industry. With their comeback being the most talked about during release and their comeback songs topping charts, BLACKPINK is no doubt the top Global Kpop group.

Since their debut, the group was able to capture the hearts of fans with their overflowing talent and girl crush concept that suited them very well. Since then, they have established their own sound and name in the industry.

However, it should be also worth noting that BLACKPINK rarely releases new songs. At first, the fans were supportive of this idea because they are supporting quality over quantity when it comes to releasing songs.

However, when BLACKPINK did not release any song in almost two years, fans are little by little losing patience with their agency YG Entertainment.

On a forum posted on theqoo, Korean Netizens shared thoughts on BLACKPINK only releasing 32 songs in a span of 6 years from 2016 – 2022 (including the 8 songs from their unreleased “BORN PINK” album).

Some songs are the most unfortunate for the fans, but I don’t know why they are doing this.

Jeon Somi is also in her fourth year, and two out of eight songs are self-composed. I think it’s a characteristic of YG. BLACKPINK doesn’t release such an album and goes on a world tour every day. But I’m not saying it’s not my main job.

It doesn’t matter if it comes out from the point of view of non-fans or not, but the fans are always angry that they won’t make a comeback.

It’s the number of songs, but it’s all so similar

Isn’t that the dream of all office workers to work less and earn more hahahaha

I like BLACKPINK songs, so I want to listen to them more. I wish more songs came out

Seven years have passed, but there are not many songs, so I think the songs that come out every time are the same.

It might be a bit disappointing because it’s not enough. And yet, it keeps coming out with a concept similar to BLACKPINK’s songs.

It is true that the number of songs is small. Why is the company shield salivating?

It’s hard for Teddy to make that much lol. It’s all dependent on Teddy, lol. No, Teddy YG.

Personally, I don’t think BLACKPINK became famous for their main job but rather for the image they created.

Of course, it is regrettable that the number of songs is small as it is difficult to show various stages during the concert. But I think every single song is good and the response is hot, so I don’t think there’s a problem with the company. Even if it is not a comeback, I think it is right to watch tours, events, and recent updates often.

What do you think? Should BLACKPINK release more songs?

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