BLACKPINK fans protested YG Entertainment over the exposure of Jennie and V’s privacy

Suspicion of dating rumors Jennie and V...

On the 22nd, the “Jennie Global Fan Union” posted a statement on Twitter. “We’ve been constantly communicating the seriousness of the matter to those in charge regarding Jennie’s privacy over the past few weeks,” they said.

“We delivered it as carefully as possible in consideration of the possible impact on the person concerned, and we waited and believed that YG would respond in some way. However, judging by the circumstances so far, it seems that the appeals of the fans have been of no avail.”

Fans said, “Our concern is only Jennie’s personal health. We emphasize this once again in this statement. The authenticity of the matter is not of concern. However, I want to emphasize that only two facts are certain.” He demanded that “the fact that the photos are leaked regardless of the intention of the person concerned and that many people are maliciously consuming the photos, we will take legal action.”

Earlier, dating rumors about Jennie and V were raised as photos of eyewitnesses appeared in May. If the men and women in the leaked photos are Jennie and V, it is pointed out that the two are serious hacking victims.

Twitterian A, who has since leaked Jennie’s photos one after another, shared a number of photos through a chat room opened on Telegram on the 20th.

The published photos included photos of the two together in the sea, wearing T-shirts with the character Winnie the Pooh side by side, and photos showing Jennie taking a half-bath while lying in the bathtub.

He said, “To prevent the photos from leaking, too many photos of the two have already been exposed. It’s too late. This is a photo of Jennie taking a half-bath in the bathtub. “There is also a photo of them wearing a couple’s tee,” he said.

Although the level of leaked photos is increasing, the agencies of both sides are still sparing their words, saying that it is “personal privacy.”

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