Black Pink, ‘August pre-release song, September album release, October world tour’ confirmed! Return of ‘Youtube Queen’

BLACKPINK ‘Pre-released In August → Album release in September → World tour in October’Confirmed! Return of ‘Youtube Queen’ [Sports Chosun = Reporter Lee Jeong-hyuk] BLACKP...

BLACKPINK ‘Pre-released In August → Album release in September → World tour in October’
Confirmed! Return of ‘Youtube Queen’

[Sports Chosun = Reporter Lee Jeong-hyuk] BLACKPINK’s comeback roadmap has finally been revealed.
The return of ‘YouTube Queen’ leads to two new music videos, a full album and the biggest world tour ever.

YG Entertainment has posted a preview video (BLACKPINK – ‘BORN PINK’ ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER) announcing BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule on the official blog on the 1st.

This video clearly contains the captions ‘PRE-RELEASE SINGLE’, ‘ALBUM RELEASE’ in September and ‘WORLD TOUR BEGINS’.
Furthermore, the pink water droplets that flowed down the sharp fangs fell somewhere and spread rapidly. The accompanying soundtrack excites the listener by providing a dreamy rhythm.

The project name is ‘BORN PINK’, it made me guess that BLACKPINK’s uniqueness.
In showing an unusual and dangerous aura was implied.

Fans around the world have high expectations for the impressive comeback project title and the announcement of the duo’s title track.

This is because the full return of BLACKPINK as a group took about a year and 10 months, and the amazing results and achievements are there.
have been expected This is because YG’s highest production costs are already included in the two music videos.

In fact, BLACKPINK has set numerous first, best, and newest song records on YouTube, as well as major domestic and international music charts for each song released. The influence of the #1 YouTube subscriber among male and female artists around the world is strong.

YG said, “In addition to the published schedule, A number of special procedures have also been prepared to suit BLACKPINK’s status as the world’s leading artist. The members have a strong desire to repay the love that fans have received. all over the world.”

He continued: “I would be very grateful if you could look forward to the new music information to be presented and BLACKPINK’s activities. ‘The best in history’,” he added.

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