‘Athletics goddess’… Lee, who has been on the rise recently, delivered the news to cheer fans on the 18th

Athletics star on the rise with outstanding beauty...

Athletes, famous these days for their outstanding beauty, are taking on a new challenge.

Kim Min-ji’s Instagram

On the 18th, his agency, BONBOOENT, announced through an official position that she had signed an exclusive contract with Kim Min-ji (김민지), the ‘Athletics Goddess.’

BONBOOENT said, “I am excited and happy to be able to start a new beginning with Kim Min-ji, who has many possibilities and potentials as a spoiler.”

He added, “I will actively support broadcasting activities by demonstrating my professional management capabilities so that I can be faithful to my main job in athletics.”

Headquarters ENT has representative spottainers from the entertainment industry, including Choo Seong-hoon, Kim Dong-hyun, Mo Tae-beom, and Kim Bo-reum.

Kim Min-ji has recently emerged as a player with superior visuals through online communities and is gaining tremendous popularity.

MBC ‘2022 Chuseok Special Idol Star Championship’

She has recently appeared in various shows and commercials and is rapidly emerging. In particular, she participated as a commentator in MBC’s ‘Chuseok Special Idol Star Championship 2022’ and attracted attention with her appearance comparable to that of an idol.

Kim Min-ji, affiliated with Jincheon-gun Office, has been active in national track and field competitions since she was a teenager.

Kim Min-ji’s Instagram

Her main event is 400m and 400mH (hurdles), and she won first place in 400m and 400mH at the 99th National Sports Festival in 2018, a gold medal in 400m running at the 100th National Sports Festival in 2019, and 4 gold medals at the National Athletics Championships held in July this year. She is regarded as one of the country’s best track and field athletes.

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