At the 2022 VMAs, 10+ celebrities couldn’t help but fall in love with BLACKPINK

10+ Celebrities Who Couldn’t Help But Fall In Love With BLACKPINK At The 2022 VMAs...

The MTV 2022 VMAs, commonly referred to as The 2022 Video Music Awards, subtly evolved into a BLACKPINK fan gathering.

BLACKPINK were the main event on the red carpet and on stage with their performance and legendary wins.

And it turned out that every celebrity was a BLINK! So, here are 10+ celebrities who couldn’t help but fall in love with BLACKPINK at The 2022 VMAs…

1. Dove Cameron

When Lisa won “Best K-Pop,” the American singer had the sweetest reaction. She is clearly a true fan.

2. Måneskin

The Italian glam rock band were asked by Vanity Fair what celebrity they would like to take a selfie with, and vocalist Damiano David nearly answered Eminem before settling on BLACKPINK.

Måneskin | Vanity Fair/TikTok

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, an American pop star, shared a TikTok utilizing the “Pink Venom” sound before the 2022 VMAs.

And when it came time for BLACKPINK’s performance, she was having the time of her life!

4. Dylan O’Brien

American actor Dylan O’Brien is a longtime BLINK, but he really let it show at The 2022 VMAs as he fanboyed throughout the night with Taylor Swift.

He is definitely Lisa-biased too!

5. Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter, a singer and actress, described herself as a “huge BLACKPINK stan” and that she would like to meet the group at the 2022 VMAs.

And dreams do come true! Fangirls Sabrina Carpenter and Taylor Swift were able to take a picture with Rosé!

6. Betty Who

The Australian-American singer-songwriter named Blackpink without hesitation when Vanity Fair inquired about who she would want to snap a photo with. She even confessed to being Jisoo-biased.

Betty Who |  Vanity Fair/TikTok

7. Anitta

BLACKPINK not only introduced the Brazilian singer to the 2022 VMAs stage…

Anitta excitedly took a picture with the girls too!

8. Jack Harlow

American rapper Hack Harlow was caught simping for Lisa as she went up to accept her award!

9. Khalid

American singer Khalid was spotted with BLACKPINK throughout the night.  

They previously met at 2019 Coachella.

10. Nicki Minaj

BLACKPINK had a blast during rapper Nicki Minaj’s performance.

And Rosé took a photo with her at the after-party!

11. Lizzo

Lizzo gave fans what they wanted and got a selfie with Lisa and Jisoo! Queen with queens.

She could also be heard screaming for BLACKPINK while they were on stage!

12. Max Martin

The Swedish record producer and songwriter was spotted talking with Rosé at the after-party.

13. Bebe Rexha

The singer-songwriter shared a TikTok of herself vibing to BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” performance.

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