“Are you in love?” ‘Dol Singles 3′ Jeon Da-bin’s photo that made netizens’ curiosity explode

Dabin Jeon's SNS photo suddenly uploaded...

Jeon Da-bin’s Instagram

Dol Singles 3 cast member Jeon Da-bin was asked if he was in a relationship. He looks happy with the bouquet.

Jeon Da-bin posted a photo on her Instagram on the 7th without any caption. In her black and white four-cut photo, Jeon Da-bin is smiling shyly while covering part of her face with her bouquet.

However, the other two cuts were cut out of the remaining four cuts, arousing the curiosity of netizens.

One netizen asked, “Are you in a relationship? If you’re in a relationship, congratulations!” Jeon Da-bin has not responded to this.

Also, netizens showed reactions such as “Have a nice day,” “I think you are a celebrity,” “Queen Carda,” and “You are happy.”

Jeon Da-bin appeared on MBN and ENA’s ‘Dol Singles 3‘ and revealed that she is a single mother raising her 7-year-old daughter alone. She received support from viewers for her honest and emotional appearance, but unfortunately, she got out of the show without being chosen by others. She is currently working as a model and Pilates instructor.

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