“Among the cast, Hae-eun… ‘ IU is watching ‘Transit Love 2’, but she left ‘Such words’ as a feeling

The story of IU mentioned on the radio...

Singer-actress IU’s Teabing “Transit Love 2” gave a unique impression of watching.

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Transit Love 2

Singer Kwon Jin-ah appeared as a guest on MBC standard FM ‘Kim Ina’s Starry Night‘ broadcast on the 20th and had time to promote the new song. He talked about ‘Transit Love 2‘ while arguing with DJ Kim Eana.

On this day, Kim Eana asked Kwon Jin-ah, “Do you not enjoy the seasons?” Then, Kwon Jin-ah said, “I used to ride, but I wish I could ride a little more these days. Because (emotions) become so dull, there is not much that blooms in me, so that’s what I’m apprehensive about these days.”

Kim Eana said, “How can I shake Jin-ah’s feelings… ” and Kwon Jin-ah exclaimed, “Oh, that’s why I’m watching ‘Transit Love 2’ these days.” In response, Kim Eana said, “These days, a lot of musicians get help while watching dating programs.” Kwon Jin-ah said, “That’s right. Before coming today, I saw ‘Transit Love 2,’ and it was a legend.”

Kwon Jin-ah and Kwon Jin-ah / MBC Standard FM ‘Kim Ina’s Starry Night’ visible radio

Then, Kim Eana said, “But there are rumors that some of the performers look like me,” and drew attention. In response, Kwon Jin-ah said, “Oh… Ms. Nayeon… ? not!! She looks like Hae-eun!!! I thought of that while watching.”

Kim Eana, who doesn’t usually watch ‘Transfer Romance 2’, said, “I don’t know. But IU said she was crying while watching a person who looked like me in ‘Transit Love 2’.” Kwon Jin-ah, who heard this from the other side, once again sympathized and retorted that Seong Hae-eun and Kim In-a had a similar feeling.

After that, when the production crew showed the face of Seong Hae-eun, a cast member of ‘Transit Love 2’, on the computer monitor, Kim Eana said, “Oh my, is this person? Are you more stylish than me? By my standards, I am very grateful,” she said, ending the conversation with a warm atmosphere.

Transit Love 2(Transfer Romance 2)’ is Teabing’s original content. ‘Transit Love‘ contains the reality of love in which couples who broke up for various reasons gather in one house to reflect on their past love affairs, face new relationships, and find their love. Season 1, released in June last year, became very popular, and season 2 started in July of this year.

‘Transfer Love 2’ Cast Hae-eun Seong / Teabing ‘Transfer Love 2’
Kim Eana and IU / ‘Kim Eana’s Night Letter’ Official Instagram

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