After observing how certain IVE members divide their dorm rooms, netizens express concerns about bias on their divide

Netizens raise concerns about favoritism of certain IVE members after seeing how they divide their dorm rooms...

After the most recent episode of “Where Is My Home?” was televised, online users expressed concerns regarding partiality of certain IVE members.

On September 7, a user of the internet posted a thread with the headline “The favoritism among IVE members is quite awful” on an online discussion forum. The internet user here uploaded a screenshot from IVE’s most recent appearance on the variety show “Where Is My Home?” on MBC. IVE members Yujin and Gaeul appeared as special guests to assist in finding the ideal houses for their customers throughout the show.

Here, the IVE members revealed how they divide their living spaces in their dorm, and it was revealed that Yujin, Wonyoung, and Liz have their own rooms, while the other IVE members Gaeul, Rei, and Leeseo use a divider to separate their individual space in one large room. In particular, Yujin was revealed to own a mechanic bed and her own study desk, while the three members who share one room do not have much space to own additional furniture or personal belongings.

Following the broadcast, some netizens commented:

“If it were me, I would hate my dorm life.”

“The celebrity world is very competitive and petty, so if IVE is like this how bad would other [favoritism incidents] be like.”

“Even if some members earned more money, can’t they just use the rooms with two members each, and one member alone? This doesn’t really look nice.”

“It makes sense that Wonyoung and Yujin use their own rooms, but it’s odd that Liz uses her own room loll…the other room should be given to Gaeul.”

“Why does Liz get her own room?”

“I feel like more people will talk about this later….”

“The members probably decided it among themselves and are doing fine.”

“It’s kind of inevitable. Yujin and Wonyoung are the most popular.”

“I didn’t watch this, but can’t they just split it so that two people use their own rooms, and the other four members share two rooms?”

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