After Kim Tae-hee… Lee Wan shared the good news with his sister

Actor Lee Wan continues to accompany his current agency...

Actor Lee Wan continues to accompany his current agency

Story J Company, the agency, said on the 6th, “We have renewed our contract with actor Lee Wan.” “We will continue to support them for more active activities in the future.”

Earlier, on the 1st, news of the renewal of contracts between Lee Wan’s older sister, actor Kim Tae-hee, and Story J Company was reported.

Lee Wan, who made his debut with SBS’ “Stairway to Heaven” in 2004, has made a mark as an actor with both visual and acting skills. Then, with a number of works such as SBS “Swallow the Sun,” SBS “Our Gap Soon’,” the movie “Cinema Street,” and the movie “The Goblin,” he has been active in various genres, from warm romance to intense action.

In addition to dramas and movies, he also showed off his friendly and energetic appearance through sports entertainment such as soccer and golf, showing off his unique charm. As Lee Wan, who has made his presence known in a variety of ways, maintains his relationship with Story J Company, speculation about how he will be revealed to the public grows.

Meanwhile, Story J Company includes Kwon Soo-hyeon, Kim Da-som, Kim Seo-kyung, Kim Seong-cheol, Kim Jeong-hyeon, Kim Tae-hee, Park Seong-hyeon, Bae Yu-ram, Seo In-guk, Oh Yeon-seo, Wang Ji-hye, Lee Si-eon, Jumin-kyung, Tae Won-seok, Handami, Heo Jun-ho, and Hong Wan-pyo.

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