After JYPE registers trademarks for “MISAMO,” netizens react

Netizens react after JYPE registers trademarks for 'MISAMO'...

JYP Entertainment has registered for the approval of a trademark for “MISAMO,” piquing fans’ curiosity.

As many of you know, “MISAMO” stands for MinaSana and Momo. The shortened phrase is often used by Japanese fans when referring to the Japanese members of TWICE, and the phrasing has also caught on with fans in Korea, as well as all those over the globe.

So what does the trademarking of “MISAMO” mean?

Some fans speculated:

“I’ve always imagined these three being in a unit.”


“Is it a Japanese unit?? Can they promote in Korea too TT.”

“I’ve been wishing for a MISAMO unit for forever TT.”

“It’s already a hit.”

“I don’t even care if it’s a Korean unit or a Japanese unit. YES!!!!”

“Are they debuting as a unit in Japan?”

“More lines for Mina~~”

“I think it’ll mainly be a Japanese unit? It’s kind of difficult to have a unit group only made of Japanese members in Korea.”

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