After disbanding “GFriend,” the group’s one member was reincarnated as an actor roughly a year later

A member of 'GFriend' who became an actor after the group disbanded...

After disbanding “GFriend,” Kim So-Jeong was reincarnated as an actor roughly a year later.

Kim So-jeong, who was reborn as an actress after disbanding her group GFriend, broke up with her agency after about a year.

TenAsia reported on the 30th that Kim So-jeong left the company without renewing her contract with IOK Company.

According to her report, Kim So-jung, who turned to her acting after the breakup of her group Gfriend, has not been active in anything other than “My Chilling Roommate” (Original Television Soundtrack), which was revealed on Cine Q.

It was expected that she would show various performances in various fields after signing the contract with IOK Company, but it did not live up to expectations.

Kim So-jeong’s future destination is unknown, but it is known that she is currently preparing for her second solo stand.

Sowon, who debuted as a girl group Gfriend in 2015, was loved for releasing numerous hit songs such as “Glass Bead”, “Me gustas tu”, “Rough” and “NAVILLERA.”

Then, in May of last year, news of the group’s abrupt disbandment was announced, and in August, they formed a new group in IOK Company and drew attention.

At that time, she also changed her activity name from Sowon to Kim So-jeong.

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