aespa’s Karina garners praise for her ‘actress-like’ beauty at the VIP premiere of ‘Confidential Assignment 2’

aespa's Karina turned heads with her beauty....

On September 6, one netizen created an online community forum post titled, “Karina attended the premiere event, but she really has the face of an actress.”

A user of the internet posted various images of Karina from her participation in the VIP premiere of the brand-new film “Confidential Assignment 2.” In the photos, Karina was seen with lighter makeup than her usual stage makeup, and wearing a simple white shirt with jeans.

In response, some netizens’ comments included:

“So pretty.” 

“Was Karina always this pure looking?”

“When she ages a bit and loses her baby fat, she’ll look really elegant and have that actress face.” 

“Her physique is already an actress.” 

“I wish she would take out her contact lenses and try acting.” 

“Did she go to visit YoonA? So lucky.” 

“Wow, so pretty.” 

“But is there such a thing as an “actress face” when even Kim Go EunKim Da Mi, and Park So Dam are main characters in romance dramas?” 

“She kind of looks like actress Kim So Yeon.” 

“Super pretty!”

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