[ADOR] Min Hee Jin reveals HYBE disagrees with using ‘Attention’ as a debut song + reveals NewJeans’ strategy

The ADOR staff and HYBE representatives have different opinions about NewJeans’ debut. HYBE’s new girl group NewJeans from ADOR is gaining positive attention for their unique concepts and ...

The ADOR staff and HYBE representatives have different opinions about NewJeans’ debut.

HYBE’s new girl group NewJeans from ADOR is gaining positive attention for their unique concepts and music both in Korea and abroad. But in a recent interview, Min Hee Jin, creative director of NewJeans and CEO of ADOR, revealed that the group’s expected debut song did not receive a positive response from within HYBE.

Min Hee Jin said he intentionally chose songs that weren’t the usual K-pop soundtrack to make the group’s vocals stand out and arouse listeners’ curiosity. But during the selection process for NewJeans’ debut song, there was an inevitable conflict between her and HYBE’s representatives.

After the members were confirmed, Min Hee Jin invited the HYBE staff to his home, summarizing the group’s concept and music genre. While listening to the song, some HYBE representatives felt that “Attention” was a song that was too ordinary, and unpopular with the general public. Some people believe that music should not a hit. Because it doesn’t follow the K-pop style.

Min Hee Jin said that HYBE’s suggestion initially worried her. Concerned that the songs she chose might not be accessible to the general public, she eventually realized that it was impossible to choose songs to suit all listeners’ tastes. No matter what music you choose

— Min Hee Jin

Min Hee Jin previously said through various shows and interviews that he prepared NewJeans with great confidence. And I’m not surprised by the results. (with rapid success) It was as expected.

Unlike most K-pop idols, NewJeans’ debut process has no member introduction, no MV teaser.

Min Hee Jin explains, “I don’t like any of those formulas. For me, a fun culture is something that has no formula. The teaser should motivate people to be curious. But after one point, I feel like it’s become a tradition. Because NewJeans has received a lot of attention. So I felt there was no need for a teaser.”

“I think curiosity with content that has never been done before will create more buzz. And my biggest goal is to turn that curiosity into something tangible because the new concept I want to introduce is music. Because the song I chose is not the typical K-pop idol style, although the song is good. But it takes time for people to get used to it. This music video will serve as a medium to highlight the strengths of NewJeans and encourage repeat listeners.”

“Because we keep the members’ secrets very tightly. So we thought that revealing any information about the members would allow people to watch the music videos repeatedly to remember the members’ faces, so even the members’ names weren’t revealed at first. Because we think it will make people search online for who the members are.”

“We styled each member to be similar to the music video. And different to confuse purpose, So people can watch the video 4 times to see who’s who. The strategy is to keep fans “educated” about new idols who don’t have a fan base at all. Attract attention in the beginning, And getting fans in a short period is important. So I expected our strategy would create a voluntary trend among the audience.”

There has been criticism for Min Hee Jin’s Instagram photo of her being a Ped*philia and for speculating about NewJeans’ music video.

Min Hee Jin said I got to know about this from the company and the people around me. And see it as nonsense. The controversial image on Instagram is speculation, an image she received as a gift from someone she knew years ago. This was a little disheartening. And will prosecute cases against those who spread false information. Profound words to him and NewJeans, but for those who are fans of good-hearted admonitions will pass.

Like the song Cookie, the lyrics were criticized as inappropriate for underage girls.

Min Hee Jin said that the word cookie started with slang in the 70s and 80s and is still used in the United States with the same meaning. This slang term means “Beautifully decorated” “And has great cultural value” by Cookie is a song made for fans.

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