Actress Kim Jung-min, who has not been in the news for a while, has released a welcome picture of her current situation

Broadcaster and actress Kim Jung-min...

Broadcaster and actress Kim Jung-min‘s recent situation has been reported.

Kim Jung-min’s Instagram

On the 21st, Kim Jung-min posted a short message with a body profile picture on her Instagram.

She revealed a body profile photo, saying, “The cozy #barf I worked on this year, on a day when the sun wasn’t shining, it was different from my original intention, but at that moment, I captured the atmosphere well. favorite cut.”

Kim Jung-min’s Instagram

In the released body profile picture, Kim Jung-min stood in front of the camera wearing a white bra top and leggings pants.

She impressed viewers with her slender body created through steady exercise and diet management.

In particular, Kim Jung-min boasted an actress force, showing off her still beautiful appearance with a sharp jawline and doll-like features.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-min recently appeared on MBN’s ‘Special World’ and Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic’ and confessed her complicated feelings after the scandal with her ex-boyfriend.

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