Actress Kim Go-eun, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut… On this day, she became ‘Angel♥’

Kim Go-eun's 10th anniversary of her debut 'gift'...

Actress Kim Go-eun did a meaningful job marking the 10th anniversary of her debut.

Kim Go-eun’s agency, BH Entertainment, said on the 25th, “Kim Go-eun donated 100 million won to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital.”

Kim Go-eun / Vogue Korea’s Instagram

This donation was made in the name of ‘Kim Go-eun & Kim Go-eun fan.’ After her debut, Kim Go-eun wanted to be with fans who supported her.

Kim Go-eun’s donation was decided on the 15th after meeting with fans online and offline through the 10th-anniversary fan meeting ‘Go Eun-Nal: Come in Closer‘ held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 15th.

Kim Go-eun’s Instagram

The agency explained that Kim Go-eun made this decision when she found out about Seoul National University Children’s Hospital and that the accumulated donations are being used to treat children from low-income families while thinking about where to donate to her fans to repay the love her fans have.

Kim Go-eun’s Instagram

Kim Go-eun said, “I met the fans after a long time at the fan meeting. Looking at the sparkling eyes of the fans, I felt again that I was receiving a lot of love. So I wanted to donate in the fans’ name to express my gratitude. “I will continue to be a person who lives by sharing and giving so that I can become a proud actor to my fans.”

Kim Go-eun’s Instagram

Kim Go-eun graduated from the Korea National University of Arts and made her debut in 2012 with the movie ‘Eungyo.’ After that, she appeared in tvN dramas ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,’ ‘Yumi’s Cells,’ and ‘Little Women‘ and established himself as a talented actor.

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