Actress Han So Hee’s past photos caught the attention of netizens

Netizens are surprised by past photos of actresses...

On the 11th, an article was posted on the online community theqoo, titled, “The greatest Instagram star who ended the controversy over the real thing.”

The article contains photos that Han So-hee posted on Instagram in the past. The netizen who posted the photo added, “During the days of Han So-hee’s Instagram goddess, there were many comments that it would never be the real thing, that it was an app correction, and that the angle was suckered, but the controversy ended as soon as the first photo of her after her debut appeared.”

“It’s really pretty. “”The atmosphere is so amazing,”

“It looks very dense and beautiful,” “I envy that decadent atmosphere,”

“I’m watching Zeck’s ad: “Where in the world is there such a pretty girl?” Is it a foreigner?”

“I can’t believe that facial features are perfect for historical dramas,” “I love you, little brother Sohee,”

“Guys, I fall in love with Han So-hee’s blog,”

“Not a picture like that, but the real thing is pretty. 
Her face is exposed as it is, and her facial features are dense, but she sleeps pretty. 
The real thing is different because there is no space in the app, and the empty space is a mess.”


“Han So-hee is pretty, really pretty, but the atmosphere is really crazy,”


Other netizens who saw Han So-hee’s photo also commented: “Han So-hee has a good atmosphere.”  “She looks good in historical dramas with her features,” “I first knew she was an Instagram goddess,” “I just filmed and uploaded it as it was,” “She’s good at acting.”

“I just filmed it as it appeared and uploaded it as it was filmed,”

But something makes it look like the Instagram photo doesn’t have any corrective teeth because it’s not the only face with big eyes, a high nose, and a slender face, hahaha It’s really pretty,”

Han So-hee became famous on Instagram, hahaha It’s really pretty..,”

“The first thing I knew about Han So-Hee was that she was an Instagram goddess who was prettier in real life than in a selfie,”

Do you feel like Han So-hee won’t come out even if you force her with surgery?What to say?,”

It’s even better because the physical isn’t even included in the Instagram pic,”

a good atmosphere too! Han So-hee, I hope you do better next time!,”

atmosphere and pretty,”

She was an Instagram goddess, and her acting was good,”

ㅠㅠ She’s so pretty,”


Meanwhile, it was reported that Han So-hee visited the emergency room on the 3rd of August with an eye injury while filming the drama Gyeongseong Creature.

Her agency said, “Fortunately, she’s not seriously injured, so it’s not enough to have surgery. “She’s not going to change her filming schedule, and she’s going to take a break and watch the progress of her face,” she said. said.

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