Actor Park Min-young’s dating rumors are receiving a cold response

Rumors of dating Park Min-young's boyfriend, who is said to be rich...

SBS News reported on the 29th that it was confirmed that Park Min-young‘s sister was involved in Kang Jong-hyun’s business, which was engulfed in dating rumors with Park Min-young.

According to reports, Inbiogen is a company that is suspected of actually owning Kang, who has her sister seated as the largest shareholder representative. The name of Park Min-young’s sister, Park Min-young, is listed on the outside director of the company’s register. Park is a researcher at the National University of Singapore, researching infectious diseases.

If Park Min-young’s dating rumors are true, it seems that the two have a relationship that is deep enough for their family to be involved in their boyfriend’s business. Regarding her dating rumors, she has not yet made a clear statement on the reason she was filming a drama.

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Park Min-young is serious enough to say hello to Kang Jong-hyun’s family and her family.

Chairman Kang is a rising conglomerate who lives in a luxury villa in Hannam-dong and is the chairman of KOSDAQ and KOSPI-listed companies. In the process of accumulating wealth, he is suspected of actually owning Bithumb Korea, In Biogen, Bident, Bucket Studio, etc.

In the meantime, Park Min-young has appeared in works such as “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” “City Hunter,” “Healer,” “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” and more. She built the image of an actress.

Initially, when Park Min-young’s dating rumors broke out and it became known that Kang had a business-related problem, some netizens commented, “Even if she is a lover, Park Min-young may not have known everything.” When it was revealed that Park Min-young’s sister was involved in Kang’s business that day, netizens reacted negatively.

In online communities, “I can’t say I didn’t know,”  “I don’t think Park Min-young didn’t know either,”  “It’s already been woven together,”  “It’s not going far,”  “The image of a good actor flies away like this,”  “Are you going to get married?” “It’s already a team,”  “I must make a lot of money myself, so why the hell not…”, “I don’t understand,”  etc.

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