Actor Lee Jong-suk, emergency cancellation of ‘Decibel’ stage greeting… Troubling news came

Lee Jong-suk, who was promoting the movie 'Decibel'...

Actor Lee Jong Suk canceled the entire stage greeting schedule for the movie “Decibel” as he tested positive for COVID-19.

Lee Jong-suk / News 1

Mindmark, the distributor of the movie “Decibel“, announced the cancellation of the schedule through Facebook on Nov 20th, “Some staff and actors tested positive for COVID-19 on self-test kits during the stage greeting event for ‘Decibel’.”

They continued, “The staff, who tested positive for COVID-19 on self-test kits, conducted kit tests before the start of the stage greetings on Nov 19th and 20th and received negative results. However, during the stage greeting on Nov 20th, the staff showed symptoms of a cold, so additional tests were conducted. The staff were confirmed positive for the first time in this process.”

They added, “Both the cast and staff did kit tests again, and actor Lee Jong Suk tested positive. For the safety of everyone, including the audience, we decided to cancel the event as it was judged that the stage greeting could no longer be held.”

They explained, “Lee Jong Suk is waiting for PCR results. The actors feel sorry for not being able to meet the audience in person. We are sorry for the sudden cancellation of the stage greeting. We ask for your understanding once again with a generous heart.”

Lee Jong-suk / News 1
Poster for the movie ‘Decibel’ / Courtesy of Mindmark

“Decibel” is a sound terror action film revolves around a bomb designer (Lee Jong Suk) who wants to occupy the city center with a special bomb that explodes when the noise increases and a former naval deputy commander (Kim Rae Won) who becomes his target.

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