“A tattoo on the back… ” The actor who had a controversy over the authenticity of his tattoo finally opened his mouth

Actress caught 'back tattoo' at last year's awards ceremony...

When opinions were divided over the authenticity of the tattoo on the back of a famous actress, she made a direct statement.

Moon Ga-young / News 1

Actress Moon Ga-young appeared in a video released on Marie Claire’s official YouTube channel on the 20th.

Moon Ga-young, introducing ‘Ten Favorite Items‘ in the video, said, “It might be a little strange to show you.” Then, she said, “I will show you on the data screen next to me. I took a picture of me today, etc. I have my tattoo; is it a sticker? There was a discussion about whether it was done or not.”

YouTube ‘Marie Claire Korea’

Then, Moon Ga-young said, “It’s a tattoo I did. I like it very much.” “It’s my dream. My mother said she had a dream that an Archeopteryx had a lot of jewels. So this tattoo was made by designing an Archeopteryx beautifully.”

She added, “I’m happy to borrow this place to explain.”

Moon Gayoung / News 1

Previously, Moon Ga-young appeared at the “Asia Artist Awards 2021” last year and showed off a pure white dress with a delicate back. At this time, a bird-shaped tattoo on her back caught and attracted her attention. Since then, there has been a debate over the authenticity of the tattoo.

Recently, singer and actress Nana drew attention by revealing her tattoos all over her body in public. As a debate arose about Nana’s tattoo, the agency issued a statement saying, “Please understand that it is difficult to answer because it is an artist’s private life.”


In addition to Moon Ga-young and Nana, other female actors with tattoos include Han So-hee, Kim So-yeon, Song Hye-kyo, Gong Hyo-jin, Han Ye-seul, Suzy, Lee El, Ko So-young, Go Ah-seong, Jung Ryeo-won, Son Dam-bi, and Shin Min-ah.

Han So-hee’s Instagram
Song Hye-kyo / SBS ‘Now, we are breaking up’
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Moon Ga-young debuted in 2006 with the movie “Bloody Reunion,” and appeared in the tvN drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill,” which aired in June. She was also loved by many viewers for her roles in “True Beauty” and “Find Me in Your Memory.”

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