A really serious piece of news has been reported regarding Twice’s Nayeon

A shocking video uploaded to YouTube...

That is, a malicious stalker who was accused of stalking Nayeon in the past by JYP Entertainment has recently arrived.

On the 21st, the stalker posted a video on his YouTube channel titled “Happy Birthday.” I really love you and wish you a very happy birthday!” The video contains a stalker who reveals her face in an alley in Korea and sends a message to Nayeon.

The stalker said, “Finally, I’m back in Korea to surprise you. Because I can’t wait in Germany anymore. “I think now is the best time to come back to Korea and make you happy.”  “I brought two small birthday presents, and I’m looking for a way to give them. “If you want to know about me or have a wish, please send me a message.” etc. along with the video, showing one-sided courtship and obsession.

The stalker is said to have been publicly stalking Nayeon since 2019, obsessed with the delusion that she and Nayeon are dating. He also caused a lot of controversy in 2020 when Nayeon got on a plane returning from her overseas schedule and caused a riot. In the same year, Nayeon’s agency, JYP Entertainment, filed a criminal complaint against the stalker for obstruction of business (Article 314 of the Criminal Law) and applied for an injunction to prohibit access to the Seoul Central District Court.

At the time, JYP Entertainment said, “The investigation has not progressed since the stalker resides abroad, so we withdrew the application for an injunction. “Action has been taken,” he said.

Despite the agency’s measures, the stalker seems to have succeeded in entering the country without being arrested at the airport.

Meanwhile, Nayeon turned 27 on her 22nd birthday.

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