“A puzzling and charming song”… ITZY, ‘Cheshire’ has an entirely different feeling from the previous ones

ITZY is back with the title song 'Cheshire'...

Group ITZY has returned with a new concept.

On the afternoon of the 25th, a showcase commemorating the release of ITZY’s new mini album ‘CHESHIRE’ was held at Fairmont Ambassador Seoul located in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. ITZY members attended this event.

ITZY’s upcoming title track “Cheshire” is said to fill listeners’ self-esteem with a message telling them to believe in their feelings, not their head, as there is no right answer to questions and worries about themselves. Fresh piano riffs and strong bass sounds will captivate the ears, and it boasts ITZY’s cool charm with strong lyrics on top of a stylish and addictive melody.

This album has a total of 4 tracks, including the title song “Cheshire”, followed by “Snowy,” “Freaky”, and the pre-release English single “Boys Like You” out in October.

At the showcase, leader Yeji said, “We feel nervous, but we are glad to be able to  greet you like this.” Chaeryeong said, “We prepared for this album while preparing for the world tour.”

Ryujin said, “By borrowing the character ‘Cheshire’, we were inspired by the mysterious atmosphere and feeling. That’s how the concept of ‘Cheshire’ came to be.”

When asked how they visually expressed the message and concept of ‘Cheshire’, Chaeryeong said, “We did ‘Cheshire’ with the feeling of trying to believe in ourselves. We filmed the music video with glow-in-the-dark nails as a highlight, and our expressions came out after thinking about it.”

Introducing the new song, Lia said, “When I first listened to the song, I found it has a very new atmosphere. It sounds uniquely groovy and has an ambiguous dreamy vibe. The track ‘Sneakers’ of our last comeback is quite energetic and exciting. Since it received huge love, we prepared a new song this time as we wanted to greet you all in a different way. It’s a good song and I really want to let you hear it so quickly.”

Regarding the reason they selected “Cheshire” as the title song, Yuna explained, “We prepared this album even before ‘Sneakers’. We spent a lot of time and effort on ‘Cheshire’. The reason all ITZY members decided to try a new appearance is that we wanted to approach listeners in a new way.”

Yeji said, “The lyrics of ‘Cheshire’ is about going straight with your heart because there is no answer to countless feelings. The atmosphere of the title song creates a new concept for us, but the message we convey through it is the same as what we have always been pursuing”.

Mentioning the attractive point of “Cheshire”, Yuna said, “I think each of the five members shows a different visual”. 

Regarding the member who pulled off the concept of “Cheshire” the best, Ryujin said, “When fans look at ITZY, they always call us ‘five cats’ with different charms. I think Chaeryeong did the best in this album. Chaeryeong successfully presented a completely new side, and she’s the member who suits this concept the most”, surprising everyone, including Chaeryeong.

Lia added, “I think Ryujin is like the humanized version of cats. She digested the concept of ‘Cheshire’, which is playful and mysterious, so well”.

When asked how Park Jin Young reacted to this album, Ryujin said, “Producer Park Jin Young guested on Naver NOW’s ‘Gap of ITZY’, and we were very shocked when he picked ‘Cheshire’ as his favorite song”, adding “Even when we had private meetings, he also said how much he loved ‘Cheshire’. He gave lots of compliments for the song.”

ITZY will make a comeback by releasing their new mini album “Cheshire” and the title song of the same name on November 30th.

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