A new video was leaked on Twitter related to the rekindling of dating rumors between group Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS’s V

Jennie and V's dating rumors; New video posted on Twitter...

On Twitter on the 16th, a video was uploaded of a staff member smiling at the camera and taking a picture of V as he was getting his hair trimmed by the staff.

The background of the video is the same as a photo leaked by a hacker who said that it was taken at a hair shop on Twitter on the day Jennie and V were rumored to be dating in August.

Earlier, dating rumors about Jennie and V were raised as photos of eyewitnesses appeared in May. If the men and women in the leaked photos are Jennie and V, the two have been identified as serious hacking victims.

There is also an opinion that the photos leaked by the hacker are synthetic. Netizens claimed that a netizen claiming to be Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram hacker synthesized Jennie and V’s photos. In addition, as a basis, we compared the composition of the photos Jennie and V posted on the V App or Instagram, etc.

Meanwhile, the agencies for the two have not released any statements regarding the dating rumors.

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