A gift to Sulli’s grave from the late Sulli’s best friend

Sulli's best buddy gave something to the deceased Sulli's grave....

Sulli’s best buddy gave something to the deceased Sulli’s grave.

Kang Ji-young posted a video on her own Instagram story on her 2nd day with the caption, “I bought a peach that Jin-ri likes.”

In her published photos, Kang Ji-young put a peach that Sulli liked while she was alive on her palm and left a certification shot.

In addition, she showed his affection by touching the graveyard with the words “Sulli’s Tomb” written on it. At Sulli’s grave, colorful tulips and peaches, believed to have been left by Kang Ji-young, remain.

Kang Ji-young and Sulli were known as best friends of the same age as Kara and f(x) in the past. In particular, Kang Ji-young revealed, “She didn’t have any friends for two years after her debut, but Sulli first approached me and became close.”

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