A famous idol who debuted at a young age, a shocking ‘exposed photo’… Everyone Was Surprised (Chapter 8)

On the 19th, a photo was posted on Instagram...

A famous girl group member and actor showed a solid body line through bold exposure.

Hyomin’s Instagram

Hyomin (33, Park Seon-young), a member of the group T-ara, is the main character.

On the 19th, Hyomin posted several photos of herself in various swimsuits on her Instagram with the caption, ‘ㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴ.’

In the published photo, Hyomin poses in various styles of swimsuits with the swimming pool and sea in the background. Boasting a sense of volume and full of health, it catches the eye. In particular, it boldly reveals the fine glamorous body line, which excites the viewer.

Born in 1989, Hyomin debuted as a member of the group T-ara in 2009 at the age of 20. She has since pursued various activities as a solo singer and actor. In addition, she actively communicates with her fans by revealing her daily life through Instagram and YouTube. According to her profile, she is 167 cm tall and weighs about 48 kg.

The following is a picture of a swimsuit that Hyomin posted on Instagram.

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