A collection of IU’s makeup, hair, & outfits during her two-day concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium

IU left everyone in awe at her beautiful looks at her recent concert held at Seoul's Jamsil Olympic Stadium....

On September 17-18, KST, IU broke the record as the first female singer to ever perform at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium, garnering a lot of attention. Following the release of high-quality photos of IU during her concert “The Golden Hour,” IU’s hair and makeup looks, as well as outfits, caught the attention of many netizens. From fitted jackets and jewel-adorned and floral dresses to casual flannel shirts and sweatpants, IU perfectly pulled off many different looks while performing on stage and impressed many with her goddess-like beauty.

Check out some of IU’s photos below!

Netizens commented:

“I went to both concerts, and she was literally just a princess and a queen.”

“Such a fairy…”

“I loved her hair and makeup TTT.”

“She is so pretty.”

“Wow…I am so amazed.”

“She is seriously so pretty.”

“Everything was seriously so pretty TTT.”

“She did everything…princess, fairy, angel, queen, and king.”

“Her hair and makeup was legendary. They were so pretty!”

“She was pretty, cool, cute, and everything TT.”

“TTTTT Miss fairy, you’re so pretty! I also loved her double encore outfit too.”

“So lovely.”

“I want to go back in time to this past weekend TTT. She was so pretty.”

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