8 Korean drama series recorded all-time low viewership from the start of 2022 to present: rock bottom was 0% viewership

Apart from the major drama successes, there are still dramas that fail to make it big....

Apart from the major drama successes, there are still dramas that fail to make it big.

1. The One and Only

“The One and Only” is a drama series featuring Red Velvet’s Joy that had the most disappointing viewership earlier this year. The series is highly regarded for its humane messages about three women who have to deal with terminal illnesses and come across one another in a hospice center. They come to the decision that they will lead meaningful lives until their final days. Despite considerable acting and an acceptable plot, the show only danced around 1% viewership, and the finale wrapped up with 0.6%.

2. Let Me Be Your Knight

“Let Me Be Your Knight” is a sweet and exciting drama series about a group of female doctors and 5 members of a band. As idol-themed dramas about their lives are not a go-to drama choice for the average audience, “Let Me Be Your Knight” is not an exception. Apart from the first episode with a 2.1% rating, the rest of the series stayed at 1% viewership.

3. Link: Eat, Love, Kill

“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” was a series with a promising start, gaining a lot of viewers’ attention. However, after airing 4 episodes, their accomplishments went on the decline, reaching a rock bottom of 1.4%. The drama revolves around two perfect strangers who find out about a special connection between them, a link that can bridge their inner thoughts and feelings.

4. Sponsor

The audience avoided “Sponsor” from the start due to the scandals of the male lead, causing a substantially low viewership. From episode 6 onwards, the drama’s rating plunged below 1% and wrapped up with an extremely modest rating of 0.9%.

5. A Superior Day

“A Superior Day” marked the return of the “Descendants of the Sun” in Goo. The series was aired on OCN with only 8 episodes and was about a model fire fighter who is dragged into a crime by accident. The series made a low-key start with a 1% rating, followed by a series of ratings that could not rise above the 1% mark.

6. Shooting Stars

“Shooting Stars” was the returning drama of “Penthouse Prince,” with Kim Young Dae as a leading actor. The series was terribly criticized for its underwhelming plot and performances. The series was yet another story about people in showbiz with a popular figure as the central character. It was, therefore, unsurprisingly, only fell among the range of 1.1 to 1.7%.

7. Love All Play

Once a beloved main cast member from the series “Nevertheless,” when the drama series “Love All Play” aired, Chae Jong Hyeop was not able to find his spotlight. This is a series about badminton players, with Chae Jong Hyeop playing a badminton enthusiast whose life turns upside down when his contract is terminated with the team. While the series offered a youthful take on life, the rating only varied between 0 and 1%.

8. Today’s Webtoon

Once anticipated to be a hit because of Kim Se Jeong’s appearance, sadly, “Today’s Webtoon” cannot find its success to present. Starting out with 4.1%, the series is reaching a conclusion, but the rating is still at a modest 1.5% viewership. The viewers complained the series was too boring, while Kim Se Jeong did not make any breakthroughs.

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