5 Korean Celebrities Who Suffer From Their Parents’ Debts

Five Korean celebrities who are burdened by parental debt...

like when a parent gets debt-ridden and their child is pressed to repay. Even if they were initially ignorant of it, loaners would seek them out and demand the money.

These are Korean Celebrities Who Suffer From Their Parents Debts:

1. Han So Hee

Han So Hee, who was raised by her grandma, had no idea that her mother used her name in debt documents and a bank account. In the most recent news, So Hee’s mom was sued for fraud worth tens of thousands of dollars. So Hee paid her mom’s previous debts, but she decided not to do it again this time.

2. Sandara Park

Dara shared that her Korean dad left their family and she became the breadwinner. She also mentioned that he incurred millions of dollars in debt, and he forged her signature on the promissory note.

3. Kim Hye-Soo

Juvenile Justice star Kim Hye-soo suffers a great deal because of her mother’s financial issues. She helped repay her mom’s debt for years, but it reached the point where it was too much to handle.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

2018 was a rough year for K-pop idol Tiffany Young after her father was accused of fraud. Reports stated that the victim met her dad in Manila back in 2007, where he let him borrow 35 million won (around P1.4 million).

5. MAMAMOO’s Wheein

Wheein also struggled in 2018 because of her father’s debt. Her parents got divorced in 2012 and she lived apart from him, but she was still involved when her dad faced allegations of fraud.

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